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  1. Stand Out at Your Next Interview
    23 Jul, 2015
    Stand Out at Your Next Interview
    7:30am and your LCD digital alarm clock, which you only get out when you’ve got an interview or getting up at 4am to go on holiday, beeps and beeps until you physically cannot find any other reason why your dream would contain beeping. It’s time to get up. The dreaded day has arrived. You’ve poured your milk into the bowl before the cereal, put coffee granules in your tea instead of sugar and the dog has started eating your nicely polished shoes, which once again only come out before an
  2. Apprenticeship FAQ's
    27 Jun, 2015
    Apprenticeship FAQ's
    Here are some frequently asked questions by our clients.
  3. Why Employ an Apprentice?
    07 Jun, 2015
    4 Reasons to Hire an Apprentice
    Why would you hire an apprentice? What does Lord Sugar do? Sift the talent to get the best. That's exactly what we do - for free! Here are some advantages to hiring an apprentice.
  4. Kick start your career with an apprenticeship
    06 Jun, 2015
    What if I don't want to go to university?
    If you are a current student at secondary school or college, you may be sceptical about the future. Before you jump onto the same train all your friends are likely to get on, assess your options. Apprenticeships are one of them and our experts are here to tell you why it may the best thing you ever do!